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WeNet Consulting offers you free telephone and in office consultation on your web presence according to the following schedule:
  • Mon – Fri. 9 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Sat. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Office Visits - By Appointment Only

Our web design consultants will take time to help you understand the technical aspects involved of developing our web presence. We also help you organize your content for web dissimilation. At such time these terms have been understood and accepted, WeNet Consulting will accurately quote you on services that will definitely be affordable to you.

Special offer: If you decide to let WeNet Consulting be your web service solution provider upon our first consultation, we will automatically discount you 10% off the total price of all services you choose. Don’t let this opportunity get by you, call us now to schedule a consultation.

WeNet Consulting Plan of Action

Step 1 - Consultation & Design

  • Your appointment begins with a phone consultation where we discuss the design of your site focusing on desired content integration and color scheme . 

  • The next step will include  a general "mock up" which will be placed on the site for your approval. A mock up is a design draft that lays out the flow of the site as well as the recommended navigational elements.

  • With these design drafts, we're not concerned with typographical errors or other specific content. We're just trying to get your opinion on whether the initial draft is pointing in the right direction. You can either approve of the draft as is, make changes to specific design elements, or disapprove of the draft and we'll begin draft number two. If changes are made, we will post the second draft for your approval as soon as possible.

    Please note: If a third draft is required or if the initial design process exceeds 5 hours, we will begin billing the excess design time and additional fees will be incurred. As soon as we receive approval, we will begin to construct individual pages. We must have your copy by the time site construction begins

Step 2 - Site Design

  • At this stage, we break down the large image used in the draft and build your home page, link pages, forms, etc. We also place your content so youšll know exactly what the finished product will look like.  We will review the site on multiple browsers. The completed site will be available for your review the following business day.

Step 3 - Review & Editing

  • You have 3 business days from the construction posting date to review your site and make any content, icon, symbol or text stylization corrections. At this stage, changes cannot be made to the basic structure or navigation of the site.

    The best way to get corrections to us is to email your comments to business1@wenet4u.com, or submit your request for changes via fax. We will make the corrections and ask you to review the site one more time. This is your final review. Any changes made after the second review will are subject to  additional fees.

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